Replacing or Re-Enrolling the Nymi Band for a User

After a user enrolls to a Nymi Band, there are several reasons that a user might need to repeat enrollment:

  • User might need to temporarily enroll to another Nymi Band when they have forgotten their Nymi Band at home.
  • User might need to permanently enroll to another Nymi Band when they have lost their Nymi Band or the Nymi Band does not function correctly.
  • User might need to re-enroll their Nymi Band when the characteristics of their fingerprint change, for example, when their finger has a cut.
  • Nymi provides you with configuration options that allow users to perform self-service re-enrollment without the assistance of an CWP Administrator. Alternatively, you can ensure that users only complete re-enrollment with the assistance of a CWP Administrator.

The steps to replace or re-enroll a Nymi Band differ depending on your configuration.

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