Restoring the Nymi Band by Deactivating the Nymi Band

Perform the following steps in the NES Administrator Console to restore the original Nymi Band for a user who performed self-service re-enrolled to temporarily use another Nymi Band.

  1. In the NES Administrator Console, select Search.
  2. In the Search page, select the Users Option.
  3. In the Search field, type the full or partial username, first name, or last name of the user.
  4. Click Search. The Search page displays the user, or a list of users that match the search criteria.
  5. Select the Domain\username link of the user to open the User Details page.
  6. On the Users page, perform the following actions:
    1. Click the Disconnect link beside the Nymi Band.
    2. On the Disassociate window, scroll down and click Disassociate.
  7. Select the Is Active box and (if necessary) the Is Primary box.
  8. Click Save. The original Nymi Band is enabled for the user. The Is Active field for the temporary Nymi Band is empty.

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