RECOVERY appears on the Nymi Band

When you wake a Nymi Band by pressing a button, the screen displays RECOVERY

Recovery firmware is pre-loaded read-only firmware version on all Nymi Bands that you cannot delete or change.


A Nymi Band goes into in the following conditions:

  • Bootloader has encountered a problem with the standard firmware on the Nymi Band and switches to recovery firmware.
  • A user put the Nymi Band on a charger and held the top and bottom buttons down for 20 seconds or more.


To bring a Nymi Band out of recovery mode:

  1. Put the Nymi Band on a charger
  2. Hold the top button on the Nymi Band down for at least 10 seconds, until you see the boot sequence messages appear on the screen.

When a Nymi Band enters recovery mode, the Nymi Band performs a delete user data operation. If the Nymi Band was enrolled prior to going into recovery mode, you must disassociate the Nymi Band from the user in NES (and the Evidian EAM Controller), and then instruct the user to enroll the Nymi Band again.

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