Downgrading the Nymi Band Firmware

Downgrading of the Nymi Band firmware is not advised unless under the recommendation of Nymi Support.

Perform the following steps to downgrade the firmware on a Nymi Band.

Note: When you downgrade the firmware on a Nymi Band, a delete user data operation occurs.
  1. If the Nymi Band is enrolled, disassociate the user from the Nymi Band in NES and EAM.
  2. Place the Nymi Band on a charger.
  3. Hold the top and bottom buttons down for at least 20 seconds, until the boot sequence messages display recovering
  4. When the Nymi Band screen displays RECOVERY, run the firmware updater script to install the firmware.
  5. If the Nymi Band was enrolled to a user, instruct the user to enroll to the Nymi Band.

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