Performing a Silent Nymi Band Application Installation or Upgrade

Perform the following steps to install or upgrade the Nymi Band application silently, for example, when you want to install the software remotely by using a software distribution application.


  1. Download the Nymi Band Application package.
  2. Launch the command prompt as administrator.
  3. From the folder that contains the Nymi Band application, type Nymi-Band-app-installer-v_version /exenoui /q
    Where you replace version with the version of the Nymi installation file.
    The installation command returns to a command prompt immediately, and the installation completes silently. When the installation completes, the Nymi Band Application and Nymi Runtime applications appear in the Program and Features applet.
    Note: Alternately, you can track the progress by performing an unattended installation, which displays the installation screens but does not require user intervention by replacing the /q option with the /passive option in the installation command.

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