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Overriding the Authentication Method on a Terminal for Smart Card

Copy the TokenManagerStructure-Nymi-SC.xml file to Smart Card-only user terminals and Citrix Server/RDP session hosts, to support the use of a Smart Card Nymi Band.

  1. Obtain the RFID-only version of the TokenManagerStructure file, TokenManagerStructure-Nymi-SC.xml from the software package that you downloaded. The file is located in the Evidian-Supplementary-Files subdirectory.
  2. Rename the TokenManagerStructure-Nymi-SC.xml to TokenManagerStructure.xml.
  3. Copy the TokenManagerStructure.xml file to the C:\Program Files\Common Files\Evidian\WGSS\ directory.
  4. On the EAM Controller, log in to the EAM Console.
  5. Click the Account and access rights management icon.
  6. In the left navigation pane, expand Domain > Computers, and then select the terminal.
  7. On the Actions tab, select Delete cache files, and then click Apply.
    The cache files are deleted on the terminal and the terminal desktop locks.


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