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Using the Smart Card Nymi Band


After enrollment, use the Nymi Band to unlock or log into the desktop and to perform SSO authentication tasks, such as in MES applications.

Note: You cannot perform an NFC tap with a Smart Card Nymi Band to lock the desktop, and your desktop will not lock when your Nymi Band de-authenticates or when your authenticated Nymi Band is outside of the BLE range of the terminal. If you require this functionality, use Wearable and RFID-enabled Nymi Bands.

Consider the following when performing an NFC taps.

Unlocking or logging into the desktop

When unlocking or logging into the desktop, hold your Nymi Band against the NFC reader for about 2-3 seconds after the Welcome screen appears.

Performing NFC taps for SSO authentication

When you are prompted to perform an SSO authentication, for example, when to start the SSO engine or to perform an MES authentication task, keep the Nymi Band against the NFC reader until the SSO authentication of the Nymi Band completes.

During SSO authentication, the following windows appear:

  1. SSO accesses the smart card, as shown in the following figure.
  2. SSO authenticates the smart card, as shown in the following figure. When authentication completes, this window disappears, and then you can remove the Nymi Band from the NFC reader.

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