Elatec Reader does not detect GEN 3 Nymi Band tap

When you perform an NFC tap of an authenticated Nymi Band, the reader does not detect the tap and the authentication event does not complete.


The following Elatec readers require a firmware upgrade:

  • Systec ConnectBox (that uses an Elatec TWN4 MultiTech 3 (module))
  • Systec Keyboard with RFID Reader
  • Elatec TWN4 USB Front Reader
  • Elatec TWN4 MultiTech 2 (BLE) 
  • Elatec TWN4 Palon Compact Panel


1. Download the appropriate firmware for your reader:

NOTE:  You require the AppBlaster tool from Elatec to upgrade the firmware on the NFC reader.

2. Plug in the NFC reader, and run the AppBlaster application in the unzipped directory.

3. Click on Program Firmware Image.

4. Click on Read Version. A TWN4 reader should be detected.

5. Click on Select Image, and choose the Firmware/<reader>.bix file.

6. Click on Program Image.

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