Using Evidian Error Codes and Events Application


Evidian provides an application called Errors and Events that provide users with the ability to translate audit and error codes into detailed messages.


Evidian log files contain hexadecimal errors codes in the format 0x8xxxxxxx, as shown in the following example:

704:(22/03/17 06:13:14.149):Listener.cpp :0411: Unable to get token with USER creds

5bc:(22/04/04 13:31:31.469):WearableExtension.cpp :0440: Ext::GetListOfVisibleDevices returns: 0x8101201c


Perform the following steps to use the Errors and Events application to determine the message for an error code.


  1. From the Windows Search field, type Error.  The Errors and Events app appears as shown in the following figure.
  2. In the Error Codes pane, leave the default option Error codes selected.
  3. In the Error field, type the hexadecimal code.  The message that is associated with the error code appears in the Description field, as shown in the following figure.


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