Events Do Not Appear in the Contact Tracing Dashboard

Events Do Not Appear in the Contact Tracing Dashboard

When you log into the Contact Tracing Dashboard to view contact events, the events do not appear.


This issue can occur when Nymi Edge Agent cannot connect to the Kubernetes cluster because the KafkaCA.pem file is not valid. For example, an self-signed certificate was installed on the Nymi Edge Agent user terminal but the certificate on the server is not self-signed.

The following error messages appear in the %AppData%\Nymi\Edge_Agents\Logs\edge_agents.log file:

sasl_ssl://server_name/bootstrap: SSL handshake failed routines:ssl3_get_server_certificate:certificate verify failed: broker certificate could not be verified, verify that is correctly configured or root CA certificates are installed (add broker's CA certificate to the Windows Root certificate store) (after 256ms in state SSL_HANDSHAKE, 30 identical error(s) suppressed) .


  1. Obtain a valid KafkaCA.pem file from the person who implemented the CWP cluster.
  2. Replace the C:\Nymi\Edge_Agents\certs\KafkaCA.pem with the correct certificate file.
  3. Start the Nymi Edge Agent process.

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