Evidian Access Management Security Services service is running but there is no communication

This issue appears after you start Manage Wearable Devices.


This problem typically occurs when the Evidian EAM Client cannot communicate with the Evidian EAM Controller, for one of the following reasons:

  • Poor network connection between the Evidian EAM Client and Evidian EAM Controller
  • Technical Admin account has expired.


To resolve the issue where the password of the technical admin account has expired, perform the following steps to reset the password for the security settings account.

  1. Launch WGSRVConfig.exe, which is in the EAM Install package in the ..\EAM-v10.X\EAM.x64\TOOLS\ directory.
  2. On the Administration Tools, select Configure security settings
  3. Change the Directory and Access point account to the new login and password.

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