Performing a security wipe on Nymi Band 2.0

Perform a security wipe on a Nymi Band to remove all the data for the currently enrolled user from the Nymi Band.

1. Remove the Nymi Band from the wrist of the user, and then attach the Nymi Band to a charger.

2. Hold the bottom button until you see the Security Wipe message on the screen (about 10 seconds).

3. When the Security Wipe message appears on the screen, release the bottom button.
The following figure shows a Nymi Band that displays the Security Wipe message.
Figure 1. SECURITY WIPE message
The security wipe process takes about 20 seconds to complete. Biometric authentication does not work for the employee after you perform a security wipe. To use the Nymi Band again, the employee must enroll the Nymi Band by using the Nymi Band Application.
Note: If you perform a security wipe on a Nymi Band and attempt to re-enroll it, you will see a the following message, A Nymi Band has been assigned to (user name), however it cannot be found. To proceed, you need to delete the Nymi Band association with the user in the NES Administrator Console.

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