Managing Nymi Band 2.0 battery life

If the battery reaches a critically low level, the screen displays the critically low charge image, and then Nymi Band vibrates and shuts down.

The Nymi Band has a battery life of 3 days minimum.

The Nymi Band displays icons that indicate the current battery life availability.

  • High battery life - an icon with three bars.
  • Medium battery life - an icon with two bars.
  • Low battery life - an icon with one bar.

Additional icons display when the Nymi Band is:

  • plugged into a charger.
  • charging.
  • fully charged.

To use the Nymi Band again, the employee will need to charge it for at least 30 minutes. While charging, the screen might show the critically low charge image for several minutes, and then displays the charging battery indicator.

The following figure provides an example of the screen when the battery level is critically low.


Figure 25: Charging a critically low battery

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